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We will WOW you with our customer care and our pre-authorization assistance.


Call our office at (719) 380-7210, contact us, or Fax this Referral Form to (719) 387-8745


Reports and imaging studies are available for your viewing online at Just type in the username and password assigned to your facility. Reports will also be faxed to your facility. Reports, CDs, or actual films are available upon request and couriered to your office within 48 hours.


View our FAQ for the insurances we accept.


Has your patient had a previous scan on the same body part? If so, let us know where the scan was done, and we can pick up the images and have our Colorado Springs radiologists compare them with the new images to track changes or note progressions.


Advantages of scheduling at SWDC-CS include:


  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment for medical imaging in Colorado Springs services
  • Referral requests may be faxed or telephoned to our office
  • STAT consults with the radiologist
  • STAT written reports within 2 hours
  • Same day service for referrals with a 24-hour report turn-around time to the referring physician
  • A dedicated scheduler to assist with appointments to accommodate individual needs and perform pre-authorization and insurance benefit confirmation
  • Assistance with your pre-authorizations


Pre-Authorization Assistance


Why spend time on the phone with the insurance companies when we can help? At Southwest Diagnostic Centers, we offer pre-authorization assistance to help you maximize your time caring for your patients.


For our office to obtain pre-authorization, fax the following information:


  • Patient information
  • Diagnosis and doctor notes
  • Insurance card
  • Prescription


We’ll contact the insurance company. If an authorization is obtained, we will call your patient and schedule the scan. All reports will be faxed as soon as they are ready.


We greatly value the opinions of our referring physicians, so please print, fill out, and return our physician survey by mail, fax or email. We look forward to suggestions on how to serve you and your patients better.


Colorado Springs radiologists at Southwest Diagnostic Centers


In an age where so many medical facilities are forced to cut corners due to tighter insurance regulations and a tough economy, we still believe in providing a premium service to our patients. We are always striving to improve, and we work hard to make sure that our patient’s comfort is a priority.





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Colorado Springs radiologists at Southwest Diagnostic Centers of Colorado Springs

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