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Have you searched for ‘Open MRI Colorado Springs’? Would you like to know more about what an open MRI scanner is? Then you’ve come to the right place!

To diagnose certain conditions, imaging techniques such as MRI scanning are essential. This is why, over time, many kinds of MRI scanner have been engineered and sold within the medical sector. MRI scans are part of common medical diagnosis today, and help doctors to get a closer look at the inner reasons for your illness.

There are three different kinds of MRI scanner– Open, Closed and Wide-Bore. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the differences between an Open and a Closed MRI machine. Both have their pros and cons, and we want to break down what makes them so powerful. As you may imagine, both Open and Closed MRI machines have great potential to diagnose faster. That being said, most of the time there will be a clear favorite for your particular condition.

So, which is the best choice? There is no obvious answer. It does come down to various factors, including comfort and practicality. Let’s take a look at what makes each good – or bad.

Open MRI Colorado Springs

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Open MRI Colorado Springs: Open MRI Machines 

Open MRIs and closed MRIs both perform the same function. And they both work in the same way. These machines also both come with a top and a bottom magnetic area, which are both used to create the 3D images that MRI is useful for. So what exactly is the difference between the two? Why might you prefer one over the other?

The point of open MRI scanners is that the space you lie down in is much wider. The space that exists between both sides while you’re lying down will make it easier to avoid feeling closed in. Many people get quite claustrophobic in regular MRI scanners, so don’t feel embarrassed if you do. An open MRI is like a wide, flat disc which you slide into. On either side of you will be at least a foot of space.

The only problem is that these scanners will provide a clean image, but not as clean as a Closed model can produce. The reason is that open MRIs cannot be engineered to be as powerful as the closed kind. So closed models naturally get a better shot, but tend to be quite uncomfortable. That’s the trade off!

You do still need to lie still in an Open MRI. Since the image quality is already comparatively hazier, being completely still is essential. Movement tends to mean that you will need to go through the whole MRI process again, which can take up to an hour. Keep this in mind as it can allow you to have a more comfortable MRI experience. 

So, open MRIs are not as accurate as the closed kind. So can they be used for the same purposes?

Open MRI Colorado Springs: What can an open MRI be used for?

Open MRIs can be used to diagnose the same problems as other kinds of MRI scanner. These include:

Overall, then, open MRIs are almost as useful as the closed kind. To help you consider which kind is right for you, here’s a little more information about the traditional kind of MRI scanner.

Open MRI Colorado Springs: Closed MRI Machines 

Closed MRI scanners are far more common than their open counterparts. Whereas an open MRI is like a flat disc, a closed MRI is like a stretched out donut- just see the image to the left if you don’t understand what we mean. In a closed MRI, there is far less space to lie down. You are practically enclosed; it’s almost like being in a cave!

As you might imagine, that can leave some people feeling uncomfortable. Should you suffer from claustrophobia or similar, this can be very unnerving. Keeping this in mind is one of the main reason why going for an enclosed MRI is off the cards for some. You might simply find the idea of it too daunting; and that is fine. There is absolutely no issue with you feeling uncertain before your scan.

This is why open MRIs were invented! So if you know that you don’t like enclosed spaces, speak with your doctor before going for your scan.

Open MRI Colorado Springs: Making the Decision

As ever, deciding on what kind of MRI to go for depends entirely on personal circumstance. You should ask with a medical professional to see what they think. They will help you make a decision. Remember, though, that correct and accurate diagnosis is the whole point of going for an MRI scan in the first place. Regardless of whether you would prefer either an open or closed MRI scan, the aim is to diagnose your condition. This means that you should not rule out going for a closed MRI, even if you are somewhat claustrophobic.

If you find it hard to understand what might be better for you, we can help! We have been providing MRI scans to patients from Colorado Springs (and beyond!) for years. So when it comes to anything and everything MRI, we can help. Feel free to contact us through our online form, or call us over the phone. One of our friendly team would be happy to help!