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The fundamental concept of gastric sleeve surgery:

Before going into the details of the procedure and complications or methods of gastric sleeve surgery, it is necessary to understand the basic concept of the same. It is an operation through which a significant stomach part is removed and eliminated permanently. The removal of a major portion of stomach checks and controls the quality of food that is eaten. The stomach is reduced to almost 10% of its original size and gives it shape like a banana or a sleeve. The whole operation is done laparoscopically, therefore it is irrevocable. After surgery, the person who has gone through the operation will not feel much appetite because the part of the stomach that dissected is mainly responsible for appetite; resultantly the patient may lose his weight.

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For whom it is recommended?

It is basically is a surgery recommended to those who have tested rest of the procedures of losing weight, but they fail. It is recommended them after a complete and thorough check up by a qualified physician, and it is determined that whether such patient qualify for it or not.

How does it work?

  • A major part of the stomach is removed apart from a little sleeve-shaped part, and it becomes equivalent in size to a banana and it weighs about five ounces.
  • The person who goes through the surgery take little quantity of food, and fewer amount of calories are assimilated in the body. Moreover, the link or the signals between brain and stomach are altered.
  • Resultantly, the patient may lose his weight and there would be an improvement in metabolic process and collective health.

How does it help to lose weight?

The gastric sleeve surgery proves helpful in losing weight in two modes.

  1. The quantity of food that is eaten at one time can be minimized.


  1. Through this gastric sleeve surgery the hormone, named as ghrelin, is also suppressed. The hormone ghrelin causes appetite. Therefore, in gastric sleeve surgery, this hormone is also dissected so that it cannot stimulate appetite.

Precautionary measures after surgery:

One of the important things that a patient should bears in mind that, this is a way to reduce weight. It is highly recommended that the eating habits should be molded according to the description of the doctors in order to get the best and fruitful results after the surgery. The patient must eat a number of healthy foods and he must reduce his pace of eating to gain quick results. If a patient would be unable to adapt his eating behavior, there is a huge risk that he would not be able to lose his weight and further obesity can be expected in future.

How much weight can be reduced through gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery can a reliable and fruit bearing method to reduce weight. It is observed that the results were very encouraging after the surgery. It has been observed to be a reliable way to reduce weight as compare to other methods. However, proper care and precautionary measures are necessary elements to gain the best results. It is noted that most of the patients can lose 60-70% of the weight in a short time of 7 to 11 months. It can be a quick and trustworthy method to lose weight, depending on the patient and treating physician. It does not demand any pre-adjustment that is required in many of the other procedures. It is highly recommended that persistent follow up is very elementary and necessary to ensure weight loss. It can be said that weight loss surgery in Mexico  has become popular among some people.


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