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Health is without doubt one of the most important parts of our life. After all, without good health how can anybody lead a happy life?

It’s for this reason that many people undergo medical imaging in Colorado Springs. Imaging is a technique used to help get a better idea of what is going on within our bodies, and to diagnose tumors, blood clots and more. Many illnesses need to be seen to be diagnosed, and our imaging services are how that’s possible. So why might you need our services? And what can we do to help? Read on if you’d like to know all that, and more!

Colorado Springs imaging

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What Does medical imaging in Colorado Springs Involve?

The first challenge we face is understanding imaging itself! An imaging service is used to help get an inside look at the body, without having to use invasive techniques like exploratory surgery. Many forms of imaging exist within the medical industry. MRI scans are one of the most common examples of imaging in medicine, and are what we specialise in!

While it can sound daunting, it’s not always the case. Most forms of imaging are completely safe to undergo. Physical damage or radiation intake is, most of the time, capped or downright removed. MRIs are an example of imaging which does not involve radiation: instead, MRI scanning uses sound waves and magnetic fields to create images on a molecular and cellular level.

Many options for imaging exist. Perhaps the most common is the X-Ray. Even though X-Rays do use radiation, every imaging service you undergo is for your benefit. They will look to find out where the problem is stemming from in a medical and physical sense. Afterwards, these images can be used to form the basis of a diagnostic recommendation.

The main challenge is determining when a patient needs to undergo imaging. A medical professional will recommend, or not, undergoing a scan. However, imaging treatments are costly, so your doctor will only recommend them when you absolutely need them. Doctors and medical professionals will rarely jump to a diagnosis. Imaging is part of the diagnosis, and can make finding the problem much easier. It’s thanks to this that most doctors use imaging; to minimize risk and keep diagnosis accuracy as high as possible.

Medical imaging in Colorado Springs: What about Pre-Treatment?

A common fear for many patients is having to undergo pre-imaging treatment. Thankfully, you can feel safe knowing that most forms of imaging have no need for sedation, injections or anything of the sort. Thanks to the development of various forms of imaging, sedation is no longer absolutely necessary. The only reason they might be necessary is if you feel claustrophobic when inside an MRI scanner, or the process makes you nervous.

Pre-treatment routines and medical interventions can vary. For example, someone undergoing imaging to try and find a particular issue in their stomach may need to change dietary habits. And in the case of MRI scanning, since you mustn’t move while the images are taken, we would advise that you go to the toilet before starting! Your radiologist or radiographer can fill you in on all of this. 

That, then, should make it easier for you to prepare for your imaging. Imaging is mostly a tranquil, easy-going experience. So long as you follow professional instruction- basically, stay still!- it’s a fast and simple process to go through. Imaging, being non-invasive, is fairly easy to sit through. Most forms of imaging require that you sit, stand or lie still, though, which can be frustrating. Movement can also make it hard to produce images which are 100% accurate.

This is why MRI scans, for instance, can take a long time- up to an hour. And when carried out correctly, imaging can make a huge difference to diagnosis speed. But what is imaging actually useful for?

Medical imaging in Colorado Springs: Common Imaging Discoveries

You may wonder what medical imaging in Colorado Springs can actually be useful for. As we pointed out above, imaging is useful for finding internal health problems. This can include all manner of conditions, including:

  • Medical issues related to tumors, such as cancer. Serious medical issues such as a growth will show up on imaging.
  • Physical ailments. From broken bones and fractures to blood clots and other problems with the circulatory system.
  • Commonly used to find blockages and other problems within the intestines and most commonly within the digestive tract. Inflammation, damage, growths etc.
  • Pre-birth. Ultrasounds are a form of imaging. This helps medical professionals see how the foetus is getting on as it moves closer to birth, and identify things like the gender and health of the baby.
  • Scans of the brain or body are commonplace in the industry. They tend to be one of the most common reasons for undergoing any form of medical imaging. Usually looking for abnormalities or to see how your body is healing.

Either way, the above are common uses for imaging in medicine. Imaging, though, is a confusing process. If you are unsure about anything that takes place when undergoing imaging, speak with the relevant medical professional. So, do you need more information about medical imaging in Colorado Springs techniques? Contact us today, and our friendly team will be more than happy to give you any details you need!